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Your Outdoor Room from the Ground Up

Having an outdoor living space where you can entertain family and friends, or simply wind down outdoors after being stuck inside all day, is key when spring rolls around. But if your backyard isn’t ready, don’t worry just yet. At Fireplace Stone & Patio, we have everything you’ll need to create an outdoor living space from the ground up.

Not sure where to start? Consider the elements below to see what you want on your wish list this spring.

1. Pavers and Retaining Walls.

If you want to truly build an outdoor space you can enjoy from the ground up, pavers are where you’ll want to start. We carry a vast selection from the top brands so you’ll have plenty of options to complement your space. Retaining walls are also a great way to update a backyard and create borders or a sitting wall.

2. Patio Furniture.

A critical element when designing a cozy outdoor space is comfortable patio furniture. Although updating your patio set is one of the most convenient ways to give your space a makeover, it’s also a great way to reflect the functionality of your area.

Choosing between different furniture frame types will allow you to determine what the purpose of your space will be. Those wishing to entertain guests may opt for a large dining set, while those wanting to create a space to spend quiet time outside may prefer a smaller set of chairs or sofa. Stop by our designer showroom to look at our vast selection of outdoor furniture options, ranging in style, height, cushion, frame material, and color.

3. Grill or Grill Island.

Whether you’re a grill master or simply an enthusiast, one essential element to a backyard is what you’re cooking on. We’re able to offer a variety of fuel types, including gas, charcoal, or pellet grills to best suit your needs.

For those that want to design the ultimate backyard without any stops, we would recommend an outdoor kitchen. For us, this means that we can provide backyards with permanent, customizable kitchen islands, complete with built-in grill heads and all the workings one would need to fully embrace cooking outdoors. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the leap to a grill island, we also carry the top brands of carted grills for small family meals or entertaining. For those that already have a grill they love, be sure to stop by for the best in grilling accessories, as well as sauces and rubs.

4. Fire Pit Tables.

Fire pit tables are a simple way to create a centerpiece to a gathering by giving a little something special to the outdoor environment. They act as a focal point for patio furniture or dining that will not only bring everyone together, but make them want to stay.

Similar to patio furniture, you can choose between various heights of fire pits so you’re better able to serve your purpose, whether it’s dining or lounging around the fire. We carry both propane and natural gas fire tables, many of which are convertible. Not quite sure what you need? Let our team help you find the right fit for your space.

5. Outdoor Fireplaces.

For those that already have a patio table and don’t have a place for a fire pit table, another way to work an outdoor flame into the mix is by incorporating an outdoor fireplace into your backyard. It, too, will act as a great focal point and source of entertainment, and can bring a little bit of heat outdoors as well. Bring the charm outdoors this spring by adding a fireplace to your outdoor space.

6. Pergolas.

With either a pre-fabricated or custom-made pergola, you can make your outdoor living space look and feel more inviting. Because a backyard is absent of a wall and roof, the pergola defines areas of your outdoor living space, and is an excellent feature to accent or frame a focal point in your landscape.

Available in different sizes to complement the space you have, they can also be made to your specifications for entirely unique applications. Turn portions of the outdoors into an open-air room where people can gather to eat, drink, or just to cool-off in the shade.

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