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When it comes to the style and construction of gas fueled fireplace inserts, Heat & Glo’s inserts have been designed to not only have the efficiency and convenience of gas but offer a variety of looks. They offer looks from a clean face and louvers to modern or more contemporary appearances with several different front options and finishes to choose from. When it comes to the construction of the insert we can offer you a product like no other. The construction is made from a patented firebrick material that resists rust and corrosion and eliminates noise associated with the heating and cooling of metal. The Firebrick technology also generates, retains and radiates significantly more heat than metal. Heat & Glo also provides us with metal constructed units to fit most fireplaces that are efficient with plenty of door options in different metal finishes.

At Fireplace Stone & Patio, we can offer you plenty of options for finishing and accessorizing your insert installation. If a facelift is needed, but you're on a budget, stone is a great option. You can pick through over a hundred samples. We have all the necessary chimney and stove pipe components for venting.

Doing some research can benefit you greatly before arriving at the hearth store. By determining what fuel type you are going to use and what style best fits your décor can save time. It is also a good idea to either bring in a picture of the existing fireplace and if you are able to take your fireplace opening and depth from front to back dimensions you will be more able to select a product that not only fits your needs but we can determine if it fits into your fireplace

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