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Certified Pure BBQ Pellets

When it comes to cooking food on the grill, there’s no doubt about the delicious flavoring. But what a lot of people don’t know is what they’re opening their bodies up to during the process of cooking their food. For those with pellet grills, if you’re not using quality pellets to add that smoky flavor to your food, you could be opening yourself up to dangerous toxins. But there’s no need to worry! At Fireplace Stone & Patio, we offer one of the only manufacturers that are able to certify that their pellets are safe: Lumber Jack Pellets.

Lumber Jack Wood BBQ Pellets are made from pure round log tree fiber that is free from any pre-manufacturing processes that can contain chemicals not visible to the human eye. These pellets do not contain any pre-used wood, additives, composite wood products, glues, or formaldehyde. We’re all about the safety of our customers, which is why we provide you with brand names you can trust, such as the Lumber Jack brand.

While it may seem logical to avoid additives, pre-used wood products, or any chemicals, this isn’t always the case. Many of the pellet manufacturers in the industry today use sawdust, which may be linked to certain forms of cancer, from byproduct mills due to the lack of food grade pellet laws. Because Lumber Jack pellets has the capability to handle trees from harvest to pellet production, they are able to test their results and know exactly where the fiber comes from.

Keep yourself and your family safe this season by shopping Lumber Jack Pellets through Fireplace Stone & Patio!


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