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Can anyone install a direct vent fireplace?

No, a certified installer must install the units to qualify for the factory warranty.

Can I adapt triple-walled pipe to double-walled pipe?

No, each type of pipe is different in diameter and will not adapt to one-another.

Can I install gas logs inside of my wood-burning stove?

No, the log sets are not approved to be installed in a wood-burning stove.

Can I leave my pilot light "on" year round?

It is ok to leave the pilot light "on", however, new technology is using a non-standing pilot light.

Can I re-position the logs on my direct vent fireplace?

No, the logs have a specific location and if they are not in the correct position, the glass will soot up very quickly.

Can I vent two direct vent fireplaces thru the same pipe?

No, each fireplace needs a separate flue.

Do I have to install glass doors on my wood-burning fireplace?

No, it is not necessary to install doors, but, they do provide a barrier for cold air.

Do I have to open my damper when I use my vented gas log?

Yes, the damper must be in the full open position during use.

How can I get more heat out of my direct vent fireplace?

Most direct vent fireplaces have an option for a blower which will circulate the heat into the room.

How do I control the flame height on my fireplace?

Most fireplaces have a control valve under the unit which will allow for flame height adjustment.

How much gas does a direct vent fireplace consume in an hour?

It depends on the size of the fireplace, but average consumption is approximately 20 cents an hour.

How often should I have my direct vent fireplace serviced?

We recommend an annual inspection\service for all direct vent fireplaces.

If electricity goes out, can I still use my direct vent fireplace?

Yes, the unit will still operate with the exception of the blower or a remote control.

My damper is broken, can it be fixed?

Yes, Depending on the age of the fireplace, some parts are still available. If it is an old brick\clay tile chimney, we offer a product called a "Chimalator".

What brand name fireplaces do you service?

We service; Heat-n-Glo, Heatilator, and Quadrafire fireplaces.

What do I use to clean the glass on my direct vent fireplace?

We carry a product called glass conditioner which does a great job. You want to make sure that you do NOT use an ammonia based product to clean the glass.

Why does my vent free appliance produce an odor?

The odor is produced from the particles that are in the air being burned by the appliance.

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