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Inserts are a great retrofit for older homes. They fit into and seal existing fireplace openings, turning drafty old fireplaces into convenient and efficient zone heaters and still offer a wide selection of designs and finishes, all with minimal construction.

Before you decide on an insert though, it’s important that you come prepared to shop. The process is made simple by two small steps. The first one is bringing in a picture of the existing fireplace, which can be useful in helping us assess the feasibility of installation. Another tip is taking measurements before coming in, if possible. Measuring the depth from the back of the fireplace to the front, as well as the opening itself, can go a long way when it comes to shopping for an insert. Instead of choosing an insert purely based on appearance and finding out that it doesn’t fit after-the-fact, we can be prepared. This way, we can find an insert that not only fits your needs and personality, but one that fits your fireplace as well.


Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric inserts are often used when there are safety concerns about children and pets, or if there is no access to other utilities. With these inserts, no clearance area is needed around the fireplace because there aren’t real flames. That mean you don’t have to worry about loved ones getting a smidge too close.
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Gas Direct Vent Fireplace Inserts


One of the best options for inserts are the gas direct vent inserts due to their efficiency and the convenience of operation. Direct Vent Technology allows for an insert that has a fixed air tight glass door on the front, meaning that it gets the air for combustion from outside of the home.
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Pellet Burning Fireplace Inserts

Pellet inserts are another option for those looking for fireplace products to consider. This alternate fuel source, also referred to as Bio Mass Fuel Inserts, may be right for you. One of the main reasons for choosing a pellet insert is for their heating range. These can typically heat an entire area, or in certain instances, an entire home. Pellet fueled appliances are also 80% or higher in their efficiency range.
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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood burning fireplace inserts contain the same burning technology as do the freestanding units. They come in several different sizes and shapes with custom sized surrounds or face plates to fit almost any fireplace. You will find trim options in different finishes, thermostatically controlled fans and different paint finishes. 
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At Fireplace Stone & Patio, we can offer you plenty of options for finishing and accessorizing your insert installation. If a facelift is needed, but you're on a budget, stone is a great option. You can pick through over a hundred samples. We have all the necessary chimney and stove pipe components for venting.

Doing some research can benefit you greatly before arriving at the hearth store. By determining what fuel type you are going to use and what style best fits your décor can save time. It is also a good idea to either bring in a picture of the existing fireplace and if you are able to take your fireplace opening and depth from front to back dimensions you will be more able to select a product that not only fits your needs but we can determine if it fits into your fireplace

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